About The Artist

My name is Nick Chill, and I am a Navy veteran turned professional photographer, living the family life in Northeast Iowa. It was during my service in San Diego that I first discovered my love of photography. The inspiration was a visit to Grand Canyon National Park, and an overwhelming desire to share the experience with others. From there I taught myself manual photography, and after a few years I began teaching others in the form of classes and destination workshops. I continue to teach photography in our town of Decorah, Iowa.


Artist Statement

My work focuses more on the feeling of a moment than on the aesthetics of the scene. By honing my technical skills in digital photography, making it second nature, I am able to forget about the technical details while in the field and just let the experience guide me. In fact, in those moments when I do find myself caught up in “looking for" the best shot, I usually end up getting frustrated and leaving with nothing. It's my hope that in sitting with my images you might be able to feel a little bit of what I felt in that moment.


Photography Workshops

I teach regular photography classes and workshops through the community outreach programs of Northeast Iowa Community College. I am also available for private classes and workshops via email. Look for more in-depth workshop availability in the future.


Member of North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA).